Thursday, October 16, 2008

So Thankful!!!!

The kids spent all day last Saturday helping me with little jobs that I needed done but just couldn't get around to doing myself. Max put together two shoe racks that I bought at Ikea at least six months ago!! Thanks Max.
Julie washed walls in the basement. Everytime I walk down stairs I say  "I  really need to wash these walls, they are awful"!! Thanks Julie!
Shaina spent  a good two hour raking and bagging leaves in the back yard. She was all alone out there and I was impressed by her determination. Thanks Shaina. Funny thing is, if you looked out in the back yard today, you would never know she worked so hard. Their are leaves every where again!!!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had our "Feast" on Sunday. I did most of the cooking on Friday and Saturday. We had the usual... turkey,  potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry salads, cream peas, stuffing, buns and pumpkin pie. We had the missionaries over and they more than made up for Russells' absence!! We all missed Russell and wrote him letters for F.H.E on Monday night. We all wrote why we are "Thankful" for  Russell.
I would be so ungrateful not to mention a few of the many things that make my life so richly  blessed...
  1. Mark- I have always known that no matter what happened our family would be taken care of. Mark works hard and  does his job well. He is a wonderful Father and his kids love him. His service in the church is a huge blessing to our family and a great example too. Their is no one I would rather spend my time with than Mark, he is my best friend and I love him!
  2. My kids- Russell, Maryn, Max, Julie, Shaina, Dallin and Sam. Seven amazing people. I have so much to  teach them and they are all growing up so fast. They each have such unique personalities, I am thankful for each one of them. They give my life purpose and help me be a better person.
  3. Parents, In-Laws,  siblings etc. I have been blessed with a wonderful extended family. I feel bad sometimes because I don't get to spend a lot of time with these great people, but their love and example is a great blessing in my life and I hope they all know how much I love and admire them. 
  4. Good friends- When I think back over the  years about the friendships that I have made, I know that my Heavenly Father has had a hand in who came my way. I have known people who have stepped in and served me and my family in times of need, people who I played with, laughed with and cried with. I have not always been great at keeping in touch with friends who come and go, but I am grateful for all of them none the less.
  5. My  Heavenly Father, the Savior and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Where would I be without these in my life. I know that I am daughter of God and that I can look to my  Savior for comfort and guidance and to be forgiven of my sins and weaknesses. I am thankful for the scriptures, as I read them I feel buoyed up and more confident in sharing the gospel with others. I am thankful for the Prophet and for his guidance and direction and for the priesthood keys he holds. I want nothing more than to follow the Savior and return, with my family, to live Him again.