Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me and Jules... home ALONE!!!

Mark and all the kids (excluding Julie) went down to Lethbgidge today to G and G "D's". 
Max and Maryn went to have Grandpa give them their Patriarichal blessings. Julie had a prior commitment this Saturday and had to stay home, I got to stay with her!!

I think the last time I spent more than two days alone with just Julie was when she was BORN! I thought because Julie and I get to spend some one on one time together that I would post a little tribute to her!
Julie is an amazing artist, she takes a weekly art class and has produced some pretty impressive paintings, drawings and even sculptures! Her artistic flair spills over into how she dresses  and even her love of make-up! She has her own unique style and it is really fun to watch her evolve!!

Julie loves her siblings and is especially great with the little ones. Julie spends a lot of time being the babysitter at our house and she does a great job! The other day Julie cleaned Sam and Dallin's very messy room without even being asked! What 14 year old girl do you know that cleans their own room let alone their brothers room too!!!
Julie is a real get it done kind of kid. She works hard at school, she is the first one to offer help at home (where food is involved!) Despite her lack of love for all things "outdoor/animal" related, she was the first one to teach our dog tricks and she has done more back packing trips in bear country than her nature/animal loving mother!!!
I love being Julie's Mom, she is a real blessing in my life. Tomorrow I think Julie wants me to give her a haircut, then I think we will do some shopping and maybe take in a movie! How fun to have a whole weekend alone with such a wonderful daughter!!!!  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25... or should I say 20 random thoughts

I don't have Face Book and just for the record I never will. Having this blog has already moved me to a new level of time "wasted" on the computer, so... I know you are all probably done with the whole "25 random thoughts" thing, but hey I'm behind and besides that this is just for you Jacqui!!!

1. I always wanted to live on a farm/acreage and raise a little flock of sheep. I wanted to shear them myself, cart their wool and then spin it on an old fashioned spinning wheel. I am completely over it!!

2. I have had my kids at the same elementary school for 15 years and I still have 7 years to go.
When I am done at Richard Secord School I am thinking that a name change might be in order... Karen Davidson School. Ya, that has a nice "ring" to it!!!

3. I will secretly be very sad when Sam stops coming in to our bed at night. That will mean that he is really going to get big and grow up and move away and... I need help!

4. I would really like to learn to scuba dive.

5. Before I am too old I would love to go to a third world country and do humanitarian work with orphaned children. 

6. I love swimming in the rain.

7. I love fresh flowers. Mark buys them for me on my birthday, our anniversary, Mother's Day and Valentines Day. I fill in the rest of the time. A bunch of tulips only adds a few bucks on to my grocery bill each week!!

8. I don't like to be home alone. I am going to need therapy next year when Sam goes to school.

9. When we were little kids my Mom used to pay us to pick the dandilions out of the yard. I think we started out with a penny for every dandilion. My Mom was brilliant, we were suckers!

10. I love candles and am still partial to Yankee brand. Any thing with a strong cinnamon scent will do.

11. The one thing I would change about myself is my feet! They are ridiculously wide and I can't fit them in to all the cute shoes that are out there.

12. Am I really only on # 12??! I don't have time for this!

13. I run because I LOVE food.

14. Two years really IS a long time, but I wouldn't have Russell any where else! 

15. I enjoy creating things and making my house feel like HOME.

16. I am not obsessively neat and tidy but I do like things clean. The thing is with 7 children things aren't always just the way I would  like them, but at the end of the day I can say that relatively speaking I live in a clean house.

17. I have had stitches 7 times. Five of those times they were on my face. The joys of an "unsupervised" childhood!

18. One of my favorite things to do is go to bed early.

19. It is 8:30 and my kids are yelling at me to come read them stories. We read every night without fail. I can't remember being read to when I was little. How SAD.

20. I am going to have to call it "20 random thoughts" this is hard for me as I am not typically good at breaking rules, but like I said the kids are calling...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My DOG... It's a hate/love relationship!

This event occurred weeks ago. I think I am finally at the point that I can discuss it in a rational/humane sort of way!
Did I ever mention that I should have never agreed to get a DOG.
Maryn came home to this lovely  mess one day, it is pretty obvious that I wasn't home because their would have been no photographic evidence as I would have been losing my mind, not taking pictures. Did I ever mention that I can't believe I said "Yes" to a DOG!! I did?! oh right I did.

The following are really good reasons to never get a DOG!
1.Dogs don't use toilets and they don't wipe
2.Dogs chew on a girls most valued possessions, Yah that's right SHOES!
3.Dogs have to be led around on a leash twice a day(for at least 30 minutes) or they get fat, why is that a problem you ask... See comment number 8
4.Dogs eat your garbage, the neighbors garbage and then go looking for more garbage
5.Dogs shed, 'nuf said 
6.Dogs bark at everything that walk by your house any time of the day but never at night
7.Dogs cost more to be "babysat" than your children
8.Dogs yearly check- ups and health issues are not covered by Alberta Health
9.Dogs slobber
10.Dogs have the worst breath on earth
11.Dogs live to escape and they're not smart enough to find their way home
12.Dogs sniff other dogs butts then give "kisses" to oblivious humans (not me, ever)
13.Dogs muddy paws on clean floors = mom losing her mind
14.Dogs leave "nose prints" ( I can handle fingers but noses...ick)
15.Dogs turn your back yard into a Barn Yard
I could keep going but... I do have a life.

 O.K here is where you question my sanity as I tell you why I do have a dog!
My dog is good company, she doesn't need much, just a sunny spot to lay and food of course. I don't like being alone, so having her around helps me not to feel lonely!
I love watching my family give her "loves". Dogs really do give unconditional love, they don't care if you are rude or if you lost your mind on them 5 minutes before. Whenever you need someone soft and warm to hug, they are right there, no questions asked!!
Admit it... You think she's pretty dang cute too!!!
Kids and dogs are usually a great combination. I can always tell when my kids feel down or anxious about something. They go to the dog first, she doesn't judge or lecture or ask questions. 
 I don't have any pics about my next comment so you just get "cute" again!
My dog is a fabulous running partner! She can keep up on days when I am feeling really good and she pushes me along on days when I am not. She never ditches... she is always ready to go when I am. If I would rather listen to my ipod than talk, she is good with that!
HARLEY is part of our family. We all LOVE her and though she drives us all crazy sometimes we couldn't imagine life without her!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How do you like my new look?

You don't even know how technologically challenged I am! It honestly took me 3 whole days to figure out how to get this new back ground to work. The problem with all that is... or should I say problems are...
1. I really don't have 3 days to spend doing anything on the computer.
2. I still haven't figured out how to get my blog name on my header.
3. In the end I am not really sure that I like the "New Look"!!!

Anyway! We did some skiing/snowboarding this weekend. We are making some progress getting everyone skiing/boarding independently! Sam, Dallin and Shaina all took a lesson. Shaina decided to start boarding this year, so she is back to the bunny hill, but being the little "athlete" that she is I really don't think it will take her long to get the hang of it. They all did really well and I am starting to see that spring break at Panorama might even be a real "break" this year!!!!
I am so glad that we have taken up skiing/boarding with our kids. It is a great way to spend time together and being that we live where it is winter 5-6 months of the year, it really is a good way to pass the time and have fun too!
Here are a few pictures of our day on the slopes!!