Tuesday, February 9, 2010


If I really thought that their were no bigger issues in life to be worried/complaining about I would go on for a few days about my laundry situation... Instead I'll go on for a few minutes in hopes that I can figure this one out before I have real problems to deal with!!

I'm a Tide girl, and other than that it's just what I have always used, I have no real reason for spending the extra money on tide. If any one has any strong attachment to another brand and thinks that it beats my Tide... I'd love to hear about it.

This is my mound of laundry yesterday (monday) morning. I didn't do any laundry over the weekend and the last time I did more than a single load out of desperation was last thursday. I gathered the clothes from all four corners of my household and this pile and the picture below are a pretty accurate representation of four days worth of clothes at the Davidson household.
If it is beginning to sound like I am complaining I am.... NOT!
I only do laundry for 7 as apposed to 9 people now. I no longer have to wash endless loads of spit up upon baby blankets and thank goodness my days of hauling a bucket full of cloth diapers up two flights of stairs (with a baby and a toddler in tow) to wash them in shared apartment/coin washers are a
very distant albeit horrific memory.
What you see here (including the sink full of white socks above) is the equivelent of 11 loads of laundry! I started this task a bit late yesterday as I had places to be and things to do outside my home until about 2:00pm. I knew when I started that it would be a long night...
When Mark got up this morning he said " Hi, how are you? Did you just feel like staying up all night to do laundry?"
Of course not, I hate doing laundry, but the thing is if I don't have atleast 8+ hours of uninterupted time to DO the laundry, it never seems to get done!
I had to go to kindergarten with Sam this morning so here it is 2:oopm the next day and I just heard the timer on the dryer letting me know that my last batch (white socks) of laundry is finished... I guess it's time to go gather it up and start again!!!
My Mom was always very efficient at doing laundry on set days and not letting it pile up and get out of control... What's my problem? Anyone have any suggestions???