Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been 5 days 9 hours and 14 minutes since Christmas!

I Love Christmas and everything about it! We have had a really fun holiday so far and I am so glad to have this whole week off to sleep in, play games, visit with friends and hopefully do some skiing.
Here is a little update on some of our Christmas celebrations!

My Mom and Dad, uncle Ken and Uncle Keith came up on the 23rd and spent Christmas with us. It was the first time they have spent Christmas at our house. We loved having them and felt that it really added to the TRUE meaning of Christmas... The love that we have for one another and The SAVIOR who binds us all together. This is Grandma reading us a story from the "Christmas binder"
Our Christmas eve supper! Mark and I both followed traditions set in our childhood homes and we make Oyster soup! I know, yuck right?! WRONG it's delicious! We love it. I won't hold out for any recipe requests! 
Sam got to open his gift from Grandma and Grandpa D on Christmas eve... Grandma has made each one of her Grandkids one of these fabulous sleeping bags! Sam is their last grandchild and the only one who didn't have one yet! He has been sleeping in Maryn's bag for most of the last year and asked often why he didn't have "my own sleeping bag" Needless to say he was thrilled when he open his present and there was his very OWN sleeping bag! Thanks Grandma!! You are amazing!
Everyone else got to open new P.J's!
Christmas morning! Sam with his new Ben Ten Omni tricks and watch!
Dallin with a massive Lego project, which took one very talented brother to get it put together. Thanks Max!!
Dallin with his new "laptop"
Julie gets her own blow dryer and hair straightener! Mom is sooo happy! No more sharing!
Max got a PSP. He didn't play with it for atleast two days due to the above mentioned LEGO project! Look close though and you'll see his favorite present...A YOYO! he has hardly let go of it all week.
Maryn got an Ipod touch. LUCKY!!
Shaina's present was by far the funnest to see opened... She has been begging for about a year for some kind of "pet" she started by asking for rabbits (thanks to Aunt Julie and Sarah) I just couldn't say yes to that having a beagle in our house! Next was the request for hamsters. I pretty much told her that we had all the animals that this Mom was prepared for and that she was just going to have to let it go! Well... Shaina didn't ask for much of anything for Christmas this year and when all the gift buying was done and presents were wrapped we realized that we hadn't gotten Shaina much of anything. Mark and I were laying in bed one night (a few days before Christmas!) and Mark just said one word... "HAMSTER"! I said "brilliant" and we both slept like babies! The next morning I went out and with Maryn's help picked out two adorable dwarf HAMSTERS for Shaina!!! As you can see from the pictures she was thrilled!
They are sooo tiny and cute... I'll just have to endure the smell! It's all good, I know from experience, it won't last long! (what a mean thing to say, sorry Shaina!)
Christmas Day the Missionaries from our ward came to make their phone calls to Home from our house. This is Elder Stewart
This is Elder Baxter. They each talked for an hour. We also got to talk to OUR Missionary! Russell is doing great, it was so nice to hear his voice. Everyone got a chance to talk to him, which really made the time fly by too fast. It was hard not to have him here with us for Christmas, but we are continually grateful for his faithful service and example. 

The whole family sitting down for Christmas Dinner! It was a delicious meal, and so nice to have Grandma there to help! I actually enjoyed the food this year! ( I am usually so tired of cooking that I don't even care!)
Boxing Day took everyone outdoors! Maryn down to White Ave. to shop, and everyone else to the ravine to go sledding! Here is Shaina playing in the fluffy white stuff!

Miss Julie climbing trees???!

Dad working off all the Christmas baking...pulling the boys up the hill. What a nice Dad!
Jules and Shai!
... and then down they go!!!
I think Mark has more fun than anyone!
And... truth be told, I stayed home with the dogs! We didn't get another Beagle, this is Lacy. She belongs to our friends the Fairbanks. We babysat her while they went down to Raymond to watch their son play in the Sugar Bowl. Which by the way Ainlay took first place in the final against Raymond. Yeah!!!!!
It has been a wonderful Christmas! It is such a peaceful time of year! (even at our house!) My good friend Brenda suggested that we go to the temple together on Saturday. (the 27th) It was such a blessing to be there with Mark and Brenda, and to really reflect on the Savior and all that he means in my life. I want to make going to the temple part of our Christmas celebration every year. It is my ultimate desire to have my whole family there with me one day! That will be the Best Christmas Ever!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm back on the blogging band wagon!!

Well... It has been so long since my last post that I figured the best thing to do would be to begin where I left off! Here it goes, it might be long!
Mark and I went to Kauai in October ( I was really bad about taking pictures, I have a few,but they are on the lap top. We had a great time and wish we were there now being that it is -35 with the wind chill!) We got back t 2:00 halloween day! This is Sam and I trick or treating if you look close you'll see that I am unusually tan for this time of the year!
Shaina, Dallin and Sam in their costumes! We have sure gotten a lot of milage out of the M and M costumes! I am pretty sure that everyone except Russell and Sam have worn them. We just took the kids around Blue Quill Estates, they got too much candy and were very HAPPY!!!

As soon as Halloween was over Brenda and I went full steam ahead to get ready for "The Writing on the Wall" Christmas open house. The above pictures are a few of the designs we came up with for this year. We had a very successful season and are already looking forward to next year! I always say that one of the perks of doing this business is that I  have my house all decorated long before Christmas is here. Their was a day when I would shake my head at people who put up Christmas decorations before December. Now I have it up before Remembrance Day and I love it!!!
I am on the Activities Committee in our ward and we had our Ward Christmas party on December 3rd. We did "A night in Bethlehem" It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. I know a good time was had by all!! Here we have Mark and Sam dressed in their "Biblical" attire. Don't they look cute?! 

On December 13th I hosted a Bridal Shower for Tyler Fairbanks new bride Kristine. It was a bitter cold night but I was just amazed at how many people came to show their support to Georgeanne. Kristine is a great girl and will fit so nicely into the Fairbanks family. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share, I guess I was too busy trying to be a good hostess!
We also went to their wedding which was just this past Saturday night. It was a nice evening and we got to visit with our Fairbanks cousins who came up from Calgary for the wedding.

Mark and I celebrated Mark's birthday on the 16th and our anniversary on the 19th! Sorry no pics again! I just don't think about these things! I'll try to do better over the holidays.

That is the update! I will be back soon!!