Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa was here!

It seems that good old St. Nick made it down our chimney...
He made a little more clatter this year (or maybe I've just officially become an old person who gets up atleast three times a night) anywho, my long winters nap was cut short and I pulled myself out of the tiniest Davidson Whos' bed (where I fell asleep at about 10 p.m) to see if I could catch a glimps of that right Jolly Old Elf!
He's fast man and I missed him. He'd been in and out in more than a flash. He got 'er done and I didn't even get to see the whole rise up the chimney thing. DANG! I did manage to take a few pictures of his quick stocking stuffing present unpacking skills!

He had to take the stockings off the mantel...He stuffed them full to the top and really, they were just a bit too...
He left some presents under our tree too!
(lots of kids make for lots of presents!!)
My kids don't have any problems sleeping through the night and in the end we had to wake up the youngest Davidson Who pictured below (at around 8:15) to rally them all to the stairs before we marched in to see what Santa had left behind.
Sammy got a Leapster
Dallin + Lego = Christmas JOY
Shaina got the cutest stuffed mouse ever!
Julie checking out some shiny goodness in her stocking! I know, the onesie is adorable!

Max scored an iPod touch.
Maryn was happy that Santa found her and didn't leave her presents in Texas!

Mark holding up the quilt that Maryn and I made in just a little over a week! (thanks to Julie who held up the fort while we were busy sewing!)
It's made out of mens suit samples and the buttons are from Grandma D's button collection.
Mark loves it and we had a good time making it!

Here are all the Davidson Whos' (minus Russ) in their new p.j's We did get to talk to Russell on the phone, he is happy, doing great things and made us all laugh in the way that only he can. We miss him, but are already looking forward to next year when he will home with us.
I love Christmas and all the warm happy feeling that it brings out in all of us. I love that I still have little ones that get all caught up in Santa. BUT, what brings me true joy and happiness is that long ago a babe was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He was then and is now our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and he came that we all might live again. I love him, I want to serve him and more than anything I want to return to him with my family to live together forever and ever! That is what makes believing in Santa all right!