Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sammy Turns 4!!

Here is sam with all his presents! 

Sammy with his new Webkinz Dolphin from Maryn...Dallin was keen to take it away 

After presents we went to the park with friends 
from the ward to eat cake and play!


jaQ-ee said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! :)

What is his actual birthdate?

....It looks like he's worked out a lot since I saw him last. haha.

Gramma Bean said...

Happy BIrthday SAM!!! Hope you had a FANTASTIC day! What is the date?>??

Caylee Secretan said...

Love the spiderman suit - it's classic, who gets tired of the muscles?! :)

LindsayB said...

alli just saw saw sam's costume and even though she has no idea who spiderman is she has just decided that is what she wants to wear for halloween. i'm so bummed! we were supposed to be in edmonton right now for a teacher conference for derek, but now they are making him go to the calgary one next month. i am so sad. so hopefully we'll come up for his graduation in nov.