Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer BINGO!

I am going to preface this post by saying that I LOVE summer, I LOVE having my kids around for two straight months and I LOVE the laid back schedule that goes along with it, BUT I am not a fan of...
  • endless t.v 
  • mind numbing video games
  • children fighting
  • the "Mom, I am bored, their's nothing to do" line
So, I came across this idea that will hopefully help us have avoid the afore mentioned "problems" and help us have a really fun summer together!

We are doing Summer Bingo. Let the games begin!

This is really just for my three youngest( but tonight we sat around and came up with a summer plan for the big kids too) Shaina, Dallin and Sam each have their own Bingo card with age appropriate activities. The card above is Sam's. I will change the cards up at the end of the week

Tonight after supper I sat everyone down and unveiled "the plan" Let's just say I think some of my children might be up a bit earlier than usual to get started on their Bingo.

The idea is really simple, they each have a bingo card with 25 activities to do for the week. For each bingo they fill they receive tickets which can be redeemed for prizes, if everyone fills up their whole bingo card by the end of the week, together they can choose one thing from the list below.
I am really excited to see how this works out. The link above has a lot more details if any one is interested in trying this out too.

On a completely different note... Apparently the city issued the cage to the "Kernal" to catch Magpies and Crows! Yup, that's right, it's o.k for him to have it and it's my job to make sure my dog stays out of his yard! What do you think he's doing with the birds he catches? You might want to think twice next time you have KFC!!!


Brent said...

that's an awesome idea! Cute setup too.


cheetah said...

Hey Karen!
That's a great idea. I want to know how it all turns out at the end of the summer.
And so weird to have a permit to catch those creatures. (don't remember the permissions!) No more KFC for Harley!

Anonymous said...

awesome- i hate that question, too- way to conquer it! maybe on Sam's card next week you can put "play at Jack's house", or, better yet, have fun at church ;)

Bryce and Melissa Rollins said...

What a great idea! I wish I could have thought of that, or copied that (that's more realistic, I can't think of that myself!!). Maybe I'll try that next summer...
You'll have to post more & let us know what worked well. :)