Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarah and Fraser's Wedding

My beautiful niece Sarah was married in the Cardston Temple to Fraser Perry on July 31st
It was a picture perfect day and the happy smiles on the bride and grooms faces pretty much tell the story. Sarah is a very special person and we are so happy that she has someone to share her life with forever.
This is a very photo heavy post... good thing they are both so photogenic!

My Julie took this picture and did the photo editing, a budding photographer perhaps... what do you think?

The wedding party- sure made for a nice picture!
Sarah and her bridesmaids- my girls, her two sisters and a good friend.
Sarah showing off her shoes- they were a gorgeous cobalt blue (too bad I cut them off)!
Sarah and Fraser with Julie and Brent (her Mom and Dad)

Aunt Julie and all the bridesmaids- this was the first time Julie had seen all the girls in their dresses, she couldn't get over how great they all looked. Aunt Julie looked amazing too!!

Maryn and Julie
Max outside the temple
Dallin and Sam trying to stay out of trouble!
Sarah and Fraser at the reception in Montana- they are standing in front of the quilt that Maryn made. I just missed taking a picture of Sarah wiping the tears away from her eyes as she looked at the quilt. It will be a real treasure for Sarah and we were so glad that she liked it!
More cute bridesmaids pics- they were all so done with having their pictures taken by the end of the day. 
Me and Shaina
This is at the end of the reception in Calgary- it was starting to get cold (nice cardigans girls!)
Julie and Shaina enjoying the fabulous buffet!
Shaina got to be the present girl- here she is putting away a card.
Grandma Davidson tying the bow on the back of Shaina's dress- no one can tie bows like Grandma!
One of the many beautiful food tables.
Julie and Brent did an amazing job getting their yard in tip top shape for the reception. It looked so good. Julie might have to stay home for a few weeks so she can enjoy it.
The whole wedding was just beautiful we were really glad to have been a part of it. Family is such a wonderful blessing in our lives. Weddings are great but the most important thing is the   Temple and how we honor the covenants we make there through out our lives. I am so grateful for this blessing in my own life!

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cheetah said...

How beautiful! Looks like you had so much fun! I love weddings!
I hope you had a great trip with Maryn and I hope you're not too sad! See you when we're back home next week!