Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Halloween has come and gone (except the massive mounds of candy and sugar coated teeth that I am left to deal with!) and I am just about ready to start putting away all the Fall/Halloween decorations so I can start thinking about Christmas!
The pumpkin above is Julie's, it was my favorite and looked sweet next to my little witch.
More pumpkins in this picture with Shaina. The witch on the broomstick was done by Shaina, the skull was Sam's idea and Mom's handiwork and the scary face was carved by Dallin who did the whole project start to finish all by himself!! Shaina dressed up as "Betty" from the Flinestones. She went out trick or treating with some friends and brought home about as much candy as she could carry!
Here is Sam posing as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!
Dallin aka Obi-wan Kenobi. The prize for the kid with the most candy goes to... Dallin!
After Sam had had enough trick or treating Dallin asked if he could go for a bit longer, I agreed and we headed off to the other side of our neighborhood. It was about 7:30 and their was only a handful of kids still out( our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of young children) so people were just dumping the "Loot" (as Dallin would say) into his bag. Seriously, I have never had a kid bring home that much JUNK!
Here is Sam in his final costume choice. It's so nice to have options!
I made this little Batman costume for Russell when he was Sam's age and each one of the boys have had a turn wearing it. It would be fun to do a photo collage of the four of them in the Batman costume and add it to my Halloween decor. Maybe next year!

I made these cute Spider Cookies to take to the kids class parties at school. They are homemade Oreos with shoestring licorice added for legs. These cookies are simple and delicious and would make a really nice Christmas exchange cookie by rolling the iced edge in peppermint! You can find the recipe HERE.
Hope your Halloween was great! Have fun keeping your kids (and your own) teeth clean...
I always tell Mark that he should have been a dentist!!


LindsayB said...

james would be equally jealous of the spideman and batman costumes. he's obsessed! (and i have no idea how a 2 year old gets obsessed with that) i made homemade oreos with orange icing. that christmas idea sounds gooood. i looove homemade oreos.

Justin and Rachel said...

Cute kids and costumes!! I knew your decorating would set the standard! Can you post photos of your Christmas decor to inspire me?! :)

Emperor of EUtopia said...

Alright Karen... you're almost as behind as I am! What's new up there?

Caylee Secretan said...

I need to get in on this homemade oreo action! When are you coming over to play??