Monday, June 15, 2009

A bit of this and that!

I'm so glad to finally be having some summer like weather.
Here's Sam helping me keep things fed and watered.

I don't have many pictures of our house, the landscaping that Russell and I worked so hard on the last two summers is looking good if I do say so myself!!
I brought one of the purple chairs from the back yard to the front to sit and watch Dallin skateboard. I haven't taken it back and I think it looks kinda cute!
The front doorway... more purple!
I didn't get a good picture of the apple blossoms on the trees in the front yard. They were exceptionally beautiful this year. I just wish the blossoms lasted longer.
Maryn, Julie, Shaina and Sam went for a walk down by Snow Valley on Sunday afternoon. It was a whopping 30*! They were hot and tired when they got home, but they took some fun pictures along the way! 
Sam will really miss Maryn when she leaves for school, he already gets emotional when we talk about her going to Texas!
So cute!

 Here is Max in the middle of a back flip!
Dallin, staying cool in the kiddie pool.
Harley was hot and had to get in on the fun!!
Sam trying to get some color in that skin!
Oh and here is the finished quilt project! It turned out so cute! Maryn did a great job, and a big "Thank you"  to Jean-Anne who did the binding for us, I really have such great friends!

Tonight was the kids Piano recital, they all did a great job. I was especially impressed with Max and thought that he played his piece tonight as well as I had ever heard it. I thought the piece he choose for the recital was perhaps a bit beyond his skills, but he proved me wrong. Max has that "stick to it"kind of attitude that will really help him be successful at whatever he puts his mind to. Like I said, all the kids did a great job tonight. It's fun to see the major improvement that they make over the year. I forgot my camera (again) so sorry, no pictures!

Menu plan June 15th-21st

Breakfast- Scambled eggs
Supper- BBQ steak/baked potatoes/ veggies

Breakfast- bananas muffins/smoothie
Supper-teriyaki beef fajitas 

Breakfast- pancakes/O.J
Supper- grilled halibut and veggies in foil packets

Breakfast- poached eggs and toast/O.J
Supper- Chicken roll ups/rice/broccoli 

Breakfast- Yogurt/ fruit parfaits 
Supper- sloppy joes/fresh veggies

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- BBQ Chicken and cheese quesadillas

FATHERS DAY! Still dreaming up something wonderful!!

Have a great week!


Geri said...

Fun pictures of your kids! Maryn takes me back a few years to you walking with my kid! Love ya!

reddmummy said...

So fun! Let us know what your Father's Day inspiration is- I am sure it will be suitably inspiring for the rest of us!

Justin and Rachel said...

So glad summer has arrived! I love the photo of Maryn and Sam. Also, my kids were drooling at the picture of Harley!! :)