Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harry Ainlay Class of 2009!

Maryn had her commencement and graduation banquet this past weekend.
She graduated with Honorable Mention from Harry Ainlay High School
Maryn's graduating class was over 750 kids, the commencement exercises lasted 3 1/2 hours!
This is Maryn with her closer high school friends
The graduation banquet was Saturday night, Maryn spent the day getting primped and polished, she looked beautiful in her dress. Here she is in our front yard before she left.
Maryn got her dress from a friend of mine who lives in Magrath, she designs modest graduation and wedding gowns. The dress she chose only came in white, Michelle (the designer) was able to dye the dress this beautiful steal blue color. It turned out even better than we hoped!
One of the first of many photos taken that day!!
This is the group of girls that rode together in a Limo, it left from her friend Ashleigh's house and took them to the Legislature grounds were they took photos before the banquet.
Jill, Maryn, Ashleigh and Natalie
Jill Maryn and Ashleigh
Maryn and Ashleigh- Ashleigh has been one of Maryn's better friends at school. She is a really nice girl and one of the girls Maryn will miss when she goes away in the Fall.
Maryn and her best friend Jenni. Jenni doesn't go to Ainlay, she goes to McNally, but was invited to Ainlay's grad as a date. Maryn was very happy to have Jenny there and get a few pics together. They were by far the most modestly dressed girls there that night, I think they looked beautiful!
Maryn and her friend Austin Fairbanks. We sat with the Fairbanks at the banquet. Maryn, Austin and Jenny have all been in greenfield ward together since they started elementary school. They will all graduate from seminary together in a few weeks!
Me and Maryn
Maryn and Mark
The three of us together. Maryn had a fun graduation weekend. It was a bit anti-climactic, it's a different experience here were she has so few member friends. All her friends went to the after grad parties where they pretty much just drink the whole night away. Maryn came home at about 12:30 and just said very matter of factly "theirs really no point" I'm just grateful that I have kids who recognize that they really have no place in that environment but can still have a positive attitude and don't let it bother them.

So... two down and five to go! This really is just the beginning for Maryn and we feel so very blessed to have such an amazing daughter!!

Menu for this week May 25th-31st

Breakfast- Cereal
Supper- BLT's

Breakfast- Bagels and smoothies
Supper- Teriyaki chicken stir fry

Breakfast- Dipping eggs and toast/O.J
Supper- BBQ ribs/ baked potatoes/veggies

Breakfast- Pancakes/syrup/O.J
Supper- Shrimp veggie cheese Linguini

Breakfast- Oatmeal/blueberries/O.J
Supper- Homemade pizza

Breakfast- Cold Cereal
Supper-  Quiche/rice/veggies

Breakfast- Cold Cereal
Supper- BBQ Salmon/roasted potatoes/salad


the MuLLinS said...

Oh Karen! Look at her!! She is so beautiful, and she did look absolutely stunning in her dress. Way to go Maryn, I'm so excited for you to make your way through the bright, bright future ahead of you! Karen and Mark, you both look great too! Especially for two Old Foagies- sheesh, you have 2 kids graduated High School already! ;) Hahaha

Justin and Rachel said...

Congratulations!! Where does the time go? Maryn looks GORGEOUS! What a beautiful dress. There's something so classy about modesty, she really stands out. And Karen, if you wrote a book about anti-aging I would be the first to buy it! Seriously!!! How do you do it? :)

Caylee Secretan said...

I LOVE Maryn's dress, so pretty. Looks like a fun weekend for you guys. :)

LindsayB said...

maryn looks sooooo beautiful! rachel is right, there is something so classy about modesty. i bet you looked exactly the same when you were that age karen, you 2 look like sisters not mother daughter! a while back you had on your dinner menu sweet chili chicken. is like at earl or joey's? i think you should send me the recipe if you have a spare moment. lbbaldry@shaw.ca

Jackie said...

Congrats to Maryn...she is so beautiful!

reddmummy said...

Maryn looks fantastic. I love the dress. Good for Maryn for choosing to dress modestly and to attend activities with high standards. Karen, you look amazing too.

ShaRron said...

Grads are sooo fun, right! Maryn is gorgeous and LOVE the dress. What a fun week you must have had. A funny remark from Nat's wedding, where she had sleeves sewn on her dress, "What a great idea! It looks so much better than the sleevess dresses everyone is wearing these days." From a nonmember friend. Modesty is IN!

Julie F. said...

Hi Karen! I love the border on your blog. I loved seeing the pictures of Maryn in her dress. She does look SO beautiful!! "Modest IS Hotest". In every picture your eyes went to MARYN & her classy dress. The COLOR turned out perfect. Good decision on missing the grad party MARYN! You didn't miss anything. It sounds like you already knew that. You are way ahead of the game. YEAH MARYN! Congratulations again. P.S. The quilt is wonderful!! Sarah will enjoy many happy hours looking at it, and snuggling under it.

jaQ-ee said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this post!

Not a surprise that Maryn looks gorgeous... and you too! Love the pics. That dress looks so comfy! Did the shoes last the entire evening? haha.

Congratulations Maryn!