Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 is GREAT!!!

Dallin had a birthday yesterday and he turned 8!
We celebrated by going skiing as a family and then to Red Robins for supper. Dallin got some fun presents which he kept thanking me for and saying " Mom, this has been the best day of my life"!! What more could a mom want to hear on her childs birthday.
I had fun looking back for a picture on each of his birthdays and here they are... all 9 of them (including the day he was born)

January 9th 2002 Dallin enters the world!
It was a fast delivery and I was so excited and couldn't stop saying "I'm done... I'll never have to do this again"!! Well, we all know how that turned and aren't we glad it did!
January 9th 2003 Dallin's first birthday. All the older kids remember this cake as a favorite.
January 9th 2004 Dallin turns two. Not sure about the "special effects"?
He's pretty cute though!
January 9th 2005 Birthday #3
January 9th 2006 Dallins 4th birthday
January 9th 2007 Happy 5th birthday!
January 9th 2008 Dallin turns 6 and has a Pirate party with friends
January 9th 2009 7 years old.
January 9th 2010!! 8 is GREAT!!!

Turning eight is a pretty big deal and I am so excited for Dallin as he has chosen to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a few short weeks. In true boy form he is even more excited to go to Cubs this next Wednesday and be a part of all the fun that happens there!

Here are just a few random things about Dallin at 8
- He is learning to play the Violin
- He loves to read and is on book 7 of the Harry Potter series.
- He is a great friend to his little brother Sam
- He always remembers to read his scriptures at night.
- He likes to play his new Nintendo DSi but...
- He would rather read Calvin and Hobbs and play Lego!
-He is full of energy and and enthusiasm and we love him very much!!!



peacemaker said...

Happy Birthday Dallin!
Here is our family site
Love to you!

the MuLLinS said...

Oh my heavens! Look at all his hair when he was born!! What a cutie. I remember visiting you guys Christmas of 2002 and he was so little and so CUTE and you guys called him "Dalli-o." I remember liking that so much I wanted to name my son Dallin just so his nickname could be Dalli-o! Happy Birthday bud! Man I wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Love you guys!!

cheetah said...

Oh my! What a cute baby photo. All the pictures are cute, but what an adorable baby!Man your kids are growing up fast!

Geri said...

I was actually wondering if you were making an announcement!!! (PLEASE do not Kill me for that actually coming out of my mouth er..fingers!!) :)
It is so hard to believe he is 8 already!!! Time flies when you have children! Love you all!
ps Happy Birthday Dallin!

Laundry said...

Happy Birthday! And the violin is awesome :)

Caylee Secretan said...

What a good boy "best day of my life" that is great. Wow time flies eh?

LindsayB said...

oh wow! i can't believe it! what a good kid that dallin is. those pictures were so fun to look at, what a cute baby he was. and that was kinda hilarious with the 'i'm done!'