Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best of '09

Todays post was inspired by a little creative exercise on Stacy Julians BLOG. I am not a scrap booker... but I read her blog because I really like her positive outlook, amazing creativity and her love for all things colorful. I didn't manage to pick these photos in the alloted 12 minute time frame, but i did manage to stick to just 12, which was way harder than I thought.
So here is the Davidson's 2009 Year in Review!

12 of my favorite photos from 2009

January 09- Sunday evening jam session

January 09- Dallin having a little fun in the snow!

February 09- Russell and his favorite investigator!

March/April 09- Spring Break in Utah " The greatest SNOW on earth"!!
May 09- Maryn's Graduation!

June 09- FHE scavenger hunt!

July 09- Shaina enjoying the lazy days of summer!

June 09- Fathers Day

August 09- Sisters!

September 09- First day of school, for EVERYONE!!!!

October 09- "Obi-wan, Spiderman and Betty Rubble"

November 09- Snow Dog

December 09- Front Door Greeting

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 2010 Here we come!!!


Caylee Secretan said...

That was a great recap, I miss you too - why aren't we playing??? I'm calling you this week to play!!

Geri said...

Love it Karen!

jaQ-ee said...

Great photo choices! Bring on 2010 :)

LindsayB said...

what a great idea, i'm just not sure if i could narrow it down to 12 pics! and what a fun christmas you guys had! i was so sad i didn't get to chat to you when we were there. alli was pretty much coughing all over the place so we had to leave. but we just might show up in feb again!

peacemaker said...

Karen, I just love your blog! It was nice to see you for a bit today. I am sorry for what I said about the age boundaries in Primary. It did not occur to me until later that I could have been mistaken. I hope you know, and want to clarify just in case, that I think Carrie is a SUPERB primary president; and I in no way aspire to her calling, or any calling for that matter. I'm sure you didn't think ill of the comment because you are so dear, and perhaps don't even remember it. Still, I felt I must apologize to ensure it.
You are a sweet, special, dear soul. I have loved you from the very first time I have known you. Thank you for sharing your is such an are you!
See you tomorrow!