Monday, May 31, 2010

The Month of May!

May started out with a visit from Maryn. She actually flew in on April 29th and then on the 30th we drove down to Lethbridge to visit Grandma and Grandpa Davidson. We figure that we need to sneak in as many visits with them as we possibly can because at this point you really don't know when it might be the last visit. It was a fun ride Maryn filled us in on lots of entertaining stories from her time in Harlingen and we watched a couple of movies. Traveling with our whole family is still a pretty big ordeal, but it is getting easier and just a little bit more enjoyable!

This is a great shot of Maryn out on Grandma and Grandpa's farm. Maryn was only home for a week but it was great to have her. I miss her and can't wait till August... She will be home for the whole month!

The next day was May 1st and of course that was Maxwell's 17th Birthday! Grandma made him a banana cream pie. It was delicious!
Here are the gifts that we got for Max. Some board games, a new shirt, shoes, and a ds game.

The next day was Sunday and we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa. This is such a cute picture of Dallin and Sam dressed is their Sunday best waiting to go.
Grandpa and Grandma's place is just such a fun place to be, the kids always find lots to do and their is just so much room to run and explore. We love it there and will be sad when the day comes that it won't be ours to go to anymore. We always see deer running in the fields and amongst the trees.
Dallin and Sam sneaking up on the deer!
Pretty Shaina in the old Milking house.
Max practicing his unicycling skills!
We all took turns shooting Marks old pellet gun. Here is Dallin eyeing up the target.
Sam loved this and just had to do it all by himself with no help! I don't think he hit much but he had a great time!
I even got in on the fun.
Maryn and I aren't big fans of guns but we both had to admit it's kinda fun as long as it isn't hurting anything.

Grandma really wanted Mark to help her do some purging out in one of the old sheds. Their is some really cool old stuff out there mixed in with a lot of junk. It was so hard for Grandpa to let go of some of it. It represents a life time of work and memories. We didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but I think Grandma felt like we at least got things started.
This is one of the old bikes that was out in the shed. I don't know who's it was, but it's a classic!
We weren't much help!
Grandpa and Grandma Davidson. What can I say... I really love these two, they have been so faithful and steady their whole lives. They are the best examples of the gospel in action. They live their lives always thinking of others and have shown us all how to stay close to our Heavenly Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ. We love them so much!
You never leave Grandma and Grandpa's place without them standing out on the driveway waiving goodbye as you drive away. I guess it's kind of a Davidson tradition. I love this picture of them they are such beautiful people inside and out!

So moving on this little incident happened sometime the next week. Dallin and Sam were outside playing with the wiffle ball bat and Dallin got a bit too close to Sam as he was swinging the bat...
A nice shiner! It doesn't look too bad here, but over time it turned really purple and when people would ask Dallin what happened his reply was always "Sam hit me in the eye with a bat!" Which of course made it sound as bad as it looked!
Sam learned to ride a two wheel bike this month and has made the long trek to Richard Secord and back a few times already! (that is on the few days that it has been warm enough!)
Julie and I did some flower and veggie planting.
The big container is an old wash basin from Grandpa and Grandma Davidson's. Grandma remembers having baths in it! Crazy!!!
Mother's day was fun the kids had all made me some fun gifts and Mark made us all a wonderful meal. I have great kids and feel incredibly blessed to be a Mom. It's not always easy and sometimes I don't do the whole job as well as I should, but I do know that being a Mom is the most important thing I'll ever do. I know that of all the things we as Mothers have to do, the most important one is to teach our children the gospel and show them how to live it. My own Mother is a wonderful example of this and I love her for it!
Elder Biggs(Jordan) returned home from his mission on the 22nd of May! He spoke in church the very next day. What a wonderful missionary he has been, his talk was one of the best i have ever heard. It was fun to visit with him that evening and having him home makes me realize just how soon our own missionary will be home! Russell will be home on August 19th. The time is just flying by!
No I'm not jumping the gun and celebrating Father's Day in May... I was asked to do a class for a Relief Society meeting on these adorable Cake Pops! I have made them and posted them before too but they are just so much fun and If you haven't had a chance you really should check out this site for all kinds if Cake Pop inspiration and other delectable yummy goodness!
This past weekend and a few other days in between have been fraught with miserable, all be it typical Alberta spring weather! It snowed here this past weekend!
Thankfully it didn't amount to much and is gone today, but I would really love to have some steamy hot days over the next few weeks. I haven't even been able to plant all my flowers and I have been offered a small raised bed in a friends yard to grow a small vegetable garden... so really it needs to warm up already please!!!


Geri said...

Fun month! Great time sharing with your family! Scott unicycles too! Your kids are all growing up sooo fast! Loves!

OIMN said...

Yes it does need to warm up! But it has been nice to have cool weather - but only b/c I have a little furnace in me! What a fun month! I was at Robert Munsch otherwise I could have been at the cupcake class!

LindsayB said...

ahhhh, what a month! i'm sure every month is about that bust in the life of a davidson. and just so you know the one weekend we came up to edmonton guess who was in southern ab?! so sad. i wanted to go knock on your door to say hi, but i did see your dog at petersons!

Justin and Rachel said...

Great post! You look so good Karen. I have to ask, where do you get Sam and Dallin's church outfits? I want to copy!!

Maryn said...

Yay for MAY!!!
Can't wait to see more pics of your flowers Mom!!
Love the Cake Pops...I could seriously down a few of those right now!!

Jackie said...

Your family is so fun! Great pictures and memories for you!

peacemaker said...

Wow! I have missed a lot in your life! I'm so glad for the opportunity to catch up! Hope you are enjoying the "steamy" weather... Maybe you are the reason for so much rain!
Love you to bits!