Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day and Maryn, just in case you weren't home sick enough, here are the flowers!!!

Fathers Day is just about the only day that I begrudge Mark being the Bishop...
We don't get to do the proverbial make breakfast in bed for Dad because he is gone to meetings long before any normal human being is awake on a Sunday morning! While everyone else goes home with their Dads' after church on Sunday to relax and enjoy time together we go home alone. This Father's Day was no exception. After meetings I started to prepare a meal that took a little extra effort and I knew Mark would be thrilled to eat! I got most of it ready thinking that he would be home at a decent time given that it was Father's Day and really who could need/want his attention more than his family? I couldn't do much more without just going ahead and eating without him, and the kids were all starting to get hungry so I decided to put the shish kebabs on the grill and if he wasn't home we would just go ahead and eat...
These were really good!
The table was set I called the kids to come eat and just as I asked Dallin to say the blessing guess who walked in the door?
Just a bit later than usual but just to make me feel like a real complainer, he apologized and said that he had taken some extra time to go visit with an elderly widowed sister in the ward!
The moral of the story is, yes, their usually is someone who needs the bishop more than we do and until you learn not to be bitter about that it makes being the Bishops family challenging... we are learning!!

The kids gave Mark some hugs and other great things and I gave him a few fun things too.
One of which was the traditional Father's Day tie! (which he loves by the way!)
I insisted on a Father's Day photo and got almost everyone looking happily at the camera!
It was a good day and next year, after having done this for three times now, I will lower my expectations considerably and have a long long Sunday afternoon NAP!

Hey Maryn!
These pictures are just for you... Here are the flowers.
They look really pretty right now, lots of purple, just the way flowers should be!!

We are counting down the days till you get home.

Have a great day!


Maryn said...

Mom!! The flowers and the yard looks FAAABULOUS!! I can't wait to see it all in August!!
And your father's day meal looks absolutely DIVINE!!! We might have to redo that one in August!!
Love you!!

jaQ-ee said...

Those kabobs look delicious!! Great job on the meal and thanks for the lesson too. I'm glad the day ended well and I really like the tie tradition. I've never heard of that one before, actually.
The flowers look great too!

OIMN said...

Oh my. That food is making me hungry!

I was glad I had extra time in the morning to make food for our Mark! Great excuse to not give him breakfast in bed, esp since his B-day was earlier this month.

They cancel meetings for mother's day, but no spoiling for the Father's!

reddmummy said...

The father's day celebrations look fun. I think a nap has got to be one of the best ways to spend time Sunday afternoon. It always seems like sleeping then is more delicious than at any other time. But Edward is sleeping through the night now, so maybe now that I'm getting more of it, sleep won't be so delicious ;)
Your flowers look fantastic.