Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The making of a Canada flag

I thought I would try a little trip down memory lane and show you what Canada Day 1998 looked like...
We decided to have the kids help us make a big Canada flag on our drive way. It was fun but I remember that once we got the red painted on everyone was moving on to other things and Mark and I were left to finish the job. The picture isn't great and I couldn't get it to scan to just the picture size (technologically challenged!) so you might not even be able to tell, but in our rush to get the project finished we quickly chalked in the white and called it good! It lasted a long time on the driveway, well at least the red part did, and it was a fun family memory that the older kids talk about and have said on more than one Canada Day afternoon that we should repeat...

Fast forward to Canada Day 2010... 12 years later. We got around to doing it again!
Julie and I went on a bike ride/ yoga adventure with Georganne and Jessilyn that morning and before leaving I mentioned to Mark that I would be happy to pick up the supplies if he wanted to get the kids involved in painting a flag. Mark is by far the more artistically inclined parent in our family and I knew that leaving him with the job of getting it all laid out and ready to go would be the right decision. I was really proud of him for taking these pictures of the process even if secretly I would have liked to have had more of him taping it all out and being the total type A kinda guy that he is when it comes to these sorts of things...!

Shaina, Dallin, Sam and the neighbor kids painting the red part.
Julie and I got home just as they were starting the white and once again we helped Mark finish it up as the little kids had moved on to "other things"!
Julie taking advantage of the photo opportunity!
After everything is all cleaned up and put away.
A good job done and Mark takes a nap.
It's now July the 20 and the flag is still there, a bit faded but with all the rain we've had I'm a bit surprised that it's held out as well as it has.
Just incase you wanted to make your own flag someday here's what you'll need:

A nice sunny Canada day (or any day that you're feeling a little patriotic!)
Red and white tempra paint with a little dish soap mixed in for easier clean up.
The biggest foam craft brushes I could find.
Ice cream buckets
painters tape
5 to 7 willing children
One very creative/type A husband

Have a great day!


the MuLLinS said...

Looove it!! Love YOU!

LindsayB said...

that looks like so much fun! maybe i'll have to find an artistic neighbor and maybe a driveway of my own. did i ever tell you that i laughed out loud when you said you GIVE the i got out of magrath look. haha. you probably give the i married a dr look too! love it!

OIMN said...

Camille and Mark were biking by your place just after July1 and Camille was SOOO excited to tell me about your HUGE flag. Fun stuff!

reddmummy said...

What a great idea- love the pictures!