Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes really these are some highlights of summer 2010!

By the end of the summer ALL seven of my kids were at home! It was great to all be together again. Maryn went back to Texas at the end of August, but we loved having her home for a whole month. This first pictures is out of order, but it definitely was the real "Highlight" of the summer!
Russell got home from his mission in Utah!!
(I don't have very many pictures and none from the actual day that he arrived, it's a long story, and didn't happen at all as we had planned... it was really late at night... cut me some slack!!)

What's summer without a trip to the Zoo?
Their was a " new to us" dinosaur park... Dallin LOVED it!
Logans' Pass in all it's beauty!
Sam had fun swimming in the lake this year.

Young Mens camp... yup that's snow in July
Max and Jordan trying to stay warm and dry.

We grew some veggies.

Max had jaw surgery
It was a really big deal but with it all behind him he is happy with the results!
Some classic slip and sliding in the back yard!
We did a mini tri at the Fairbanks cabin. Sooo much fun!
Julie made a quilt for a Young Womans project.
Sam and Dallin - I love this picture!
Mark took the kids camping in Jasper for a few days... first time for Shaina, Dallin and Sam. They can't wait to do it again next year!
Their you have it, my summer 2010 update in October!!

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OIMN said...

What a great summer Karen! I still am sad we couldn't make it to your place when Russell came home. Hope Fall ( and seminary!!) are treating you well!