Monday, November 15, 2010

Something that stresses me out

Finding time to get everything that needs to be done accomplished.
It's funny because just yesterday in Sacrament Meeting the High Councilman gave a talk on this exact subject and it was also discussed in Sunday School and Relief Society. It seems to be an ongoing issue for so many of us.
If I don't have enough hours in a day to do all that I need to do why am I spending time on this blog of all things? Because we all need balance... that was the take home message from Sundays meetings and I know that when I try to live a balanced life my stress level is decreased and though I still may not get everything done everyday, I am a happier person, a better wife, a kinder mother and a real friend.
Balance is important, but a lesson that I seem to have to keep learning through trial and error is that dedicated, consistent personal worship of our Savior is paramount to being a happy, productive, stress free individual. I KNOW that is true. Studying the scriptures everyday and praying for guidance in all that I do is what helps me stay grounded. When I neglect these basic simple truths in my everyday life I get STRESSED.
A few weeks ago I went to Texas to visit Maryn and then spent a week with my Sister In Laws at the Houston Quilt Show. It was a great time and I was glad for the break from my real life, which at times can be a bit out of control. Here is what happened though. Because I have been given the awesome opportunity to teach seminary each day, a large portion of my time is spent reading, studying and pondering the scriptures. I pray before I begin my preperations, sometimes as I prepare and always after I am done to acknowledge the Lords hand in helping me accomplish the task. When I was gone I took my scriptures with the intent to read each day, it didn't happen. I tried for the first few days, but soon forgot as the fun and excitement of the holiday took over. On my flight home with several free hours spent on the plane and in airports I read a lot and tried to make up for my lack of time spent doing concentrated daily reading. Well it doesn't work. The days missed were done and I found myself feeling stressed and uptight and farther from the Spirit than I had felt in months. Don't get me wrong, holidays are for fun and we all need time off from our regular lives, but when we neglect what is MOST important in our lives, things get off track fast.
So, before this gets way too long for even me to read, let me just say this:
Something that STRESSES ME OUT is not taking time everyday to read the scriptures and pray. It's that simple! Go do it for yourself, it will change your whole day... I promise!


LindsayB said...

it's so easy. why are we so dumb sometimes? i remember a certain vt visit where a certain stressed young mom was bawling her eyes out and her poor visiting teacher giving her this same much needed advice. i'll always remember you and what a good vt you were for me. i still remember some of the things you said and did for me that you have probably long forgotten, but i'm so happy you were there for me for those few moments i needed someone. thank you!

Mrs.N said...

I think I need to read this post every few days! It's easy for me to just spend time getting things done and to forget that I'll have more time and energy if I go to the scriptures first. thanks for the reminder!

reddmummy said...

I am so glad that it's not just me! Every time we go away I vow to read my scriptures everyday, but with the change in routine I nearly always get off track. Then, when everyone is quarreling and angry, I remember why . . .

Justin and Rachel said...

Thank you, thank you Karen!! I've been wondering if once a person gets a certain number of children if scripture study goes out the window for a while? And apparently the answer is NO!! So time to get my act in gear! :)