Friday, August 1, 2008

Time flies by

Wow it's already the first of August. The summer goes by so fast.
 Russell will be in the MTC in less than two weeks. I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to get it all done. I am so excited for him to begin his mission. I will miss him like crazy, but can't think of a better thing for him to be doing.
Maryn is working at Laugh and Learn. It's a cute little toy store in riverbend. I think she likes it. Most days she comes home with a good story to tell
Max did summer school at Ainlay. He took CALM. I am glad that he got that course out of the way, and it is nice that he has spent a few weeks there getting used to being at High School.
Julie has mostly just been hangin out at home. She has done some babysitting. Right now Julie and Maryn are reading the 4th book of the ? series. I have forgotten the name of it, but it is very popular, and they both tell me I should read it.
Shaina did swimming lessons at the Y. She did really good, didn't quite finish her swimmer 1. None of my kids have loved swimming the way I did. That's O.K though. They have all learned to swim enough to be safe and comfortable in the water.
Dallin and Sam have been doing a lot of playing outdoors and even more watching T.V and playing Wii. Great!! I know, that is nothing to be proud of.
Mark has just been working. He has been fairly busy. It seems like we all get to play and have fun while he spends most of his time at work. I am so grateful for all he does for us. I have the best husband in the world!
I continue to train for the Ft Mcleod triathlon. I have been having a good time doing a bitof all three sports. I like the cross training. You don't get bored and burned out as easily. Today I swam 1 mile at the Y.

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the MuLLinS said...

SWEET!!! Karen! I have been thinking SO much about you lately. Like, out of the blue, I will think about you. And it so badly makes me just want to sit down on the couch with you and talk for hours :) I miss you!! And your wonderful family!

Anyways, I think you're the coolest for doing a tri. Have you done one before? I was in the Tri-Club at UGA and was about to compete in my first Triathlon when I got in a bike wreck and completely tore myself up and added another head injury to my mile long list. So after I recovered, I decided to stay off the bike and try a marathon. Then I got pregnant. I'm doomed to be lazy. Well, after Thatcher came along I set a year plan for running and planned to compete in 2 halfs and one whole marathon. I got 11 miles into my first race and fell and messed up my ITB, and am STILL recovering from that. Again. Doomed for laziness. It's awful! But my ultimate goal is a serious triathlon one day! I agree, it's so fun to do all three. I never got into swimming all that much until I was training and I loved the feeling of working out so hard in the water until you were literally sweating... but in the water. It was way cool. This is a million words long. I just have so much to talk about! I love you and look forward to keeping in touch better!