Monday, August 11, 2008

what a day!!

It has been a real busy couple of days. Sunday was Russell's "non farewell" it was an excellent meeting. Quite a few of Russell's non member friends came. Jamie Seniuk, who has been Russ's friend since grade two was there. He is also good friends with Jordan and attended his farewell too. He is a good guy and maybe one who would listen to the missionaries some day.
We all came home after Sacrament meeting and Brenda made a wonderful meal for us. It was a delicious meal like only Brenda can do! Jacqui's Mom also made two huge fruit platters, one for the open house on Saturday night and one for Sunday. They were both put together so beautifully. She is clearly a very talented lady! 
We had to rush through the meal as Russell's setting apart was at 4:30. President Rolfson did the setting apart, I have to admit it was hard to focus on all that was being said with Sam on my lap!
But... the spirit was there and after, a few of us had an opportunity to bear our testimonies. It was a wonderful chance to let Russell know how we feel about him and the gospel. I have to say that our own little gathering back at our house with just our family after everyone was gone, was about as close to how it must feel to be together forever someday as we can experience outside of the temple. We all hugged Russell and the kids were all so sad to have to "let go " of their big brother for two years. Jacqui was there with us, and it was hard to see them struggle through their own farewell. We will all miss him so much, but know that he doing the best possible thing for himself  and the Lord, by going out to serve a mission.
So tonight Mark Russ and I are here in Salt Lake in our hotel room. We got all the shopping done that we had left to do. Tomorrow morning we are going to go to the temple, I am excited to go as I have never been to the Salt Lake temple. We will probably spend some time on Temple Square after, then Wednesday we will take Russ to the MTC!!
THIS IS WAY TOO LONG!!! ...and really, I've left out all the details!

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Caylee Secretan said...

Good luck tomorrow guys!