Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me and Jules... home ALONE!!!

Mark and all the kids (excluding Julie) went down to Lethbgidge today to G and G "D's". 
Max and Maryn went to have Grandpa give them their Patriarichal blessings. Julie had a prior commitment this Saturday and had to stay home, I got to stay with her!!

I think the last time I spent more than two days alone with just Julie was when she was BORN! I thought because Julie and I get to spend some one on one time together that I would post a little tribute to her!
Julie is an amazing artist, she takes a weekly art class and has produced some pretty impressive paintings, drawings and even sculptures! Her artistic flair spills over into how she dresses  and even her love of make-up! She has her own unique style and it is really fun to watch her evolve!!

Julie loves her siblings and is especially great with the little ones. Julie spends a lot of time being the babysitter at our house and she does a great job! The other day Julie cleaned Sam and Dallin's very messy room without even being asked! What 14 year old girl do you know that cleans their own room let alone their brothers room too!!!
Julie is a real get it done kind of kid. She works hard at school, she is the first one to offer help at home (where food is involved!) Despite her lack of love for all things "outdoor/animal" related, she was the first one to teach our dog tricks and she has done more back packing trips in bear country than her nature/animal loving mother!!!
I love being Julie's Mom, she is a real blessing in my life. Tomorrow I think Julie wants me to give her a haircut, then I think we will do some shopping and maybe take in a movie! How fun to have a whole weekend alone with such a wonderful daughter!!!!  


the MuLLinS said...

Oh I LOVE this! She is seriously too gorgeous! What a great girl, give her a big hug for me! And have lots of fun this weekend! And I'm so excited for Max and Maryn! I hope they have a wonderful experience (I mean, how could you not??)!

Caylee Secretan said...

Awwww, she is such a pretty girl! All your kids are such GREAT kids, you guys have done well. Have a fabulous weekend, get some serious shoppin done! ;)

LindsayB said...

We love Julie too. I was always excited when we could snag her away to baby sit for us. She is so dang cute! Caylee is right, you have awesome kids.