Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My DOG... It's a hate/love relationship!

This event occurred weeks ago. I think I am finally at the point that I can discuss it in a rational/humane sort of way!
Did I ever mention that I should have never agreed to get a DOG.
Maryn came home to this lovely  mess one day, it is pretty obvious that I wasn't home because their would have been no photographic evidence as I would have been losing my mind, not taking pictures. Did I ever mention that I can't believe I said "Yes" to a DOG!! I did?! oh right I did.

The following are really good reasons to never get a DOG!
1.Dogs don't use toilets and they don't wipe
2.Dogs chew on a girls most valued possessions, Yah that's right SHOES!
3.Dogs have to be led around on a leash twice a day(for at least 30 minutes) or they get fat, why is that a problem you ask... See comment number 8
4.Dogs eat your garbage, the neighbors garbage and then go looking for more garbage
5.Dogs shed, 'nuf said 
6.Dogs bark at everything that walk by your house any time of the day but never at night
7.Dogs cost more to be "babysat" than your children
8.Dogs yearly check- ups and health issues are not covered by Alberta Health
9.Dogs slobber
10.Dogs have the worst breath on earth
11.Dogs live to escape and they're not smart enough to find their way home
12.Dogs sniff other dogs butts then give "kisses" to oblivious humans (not me, ever)
13.Dogs muddy paws on clean floors = mom losing her mind
14.Dogs leave "nose prints" ( I can handle fingers but noses...ick)
15.Dogs turn your back yard into a Barn Yard
I could keep going but... I do have a life.

 O.K here is where you question my sanity as I tell you why I do have a dog!
My dog is good company, she doesn't need much, just a sunny spot to lay and food of course. I don't like being alone, so having her around helps me not to feel lonely!
I love watching my family give her "loves". Dogs really do give unconditional love, they don't care if you are rude or if you lost your mind on them 5 minutes before. Whenever you need someone soft and warm to hug, they are right there, no questions asked!!
Admit it... You think she's pretty dang cute too!!!
Kids and dogs are usually a great combination. I can always tell when my kids feel down or anxious about something. They go to the dog first, she doesn't judge or lecture or ask questions. 
 I don't have any pics about my next comment so you just get "cute" again!
My dog is a fabulous running partner! She can keep up on days when I am feeling really good and she pushes me along on days when I am not. She never ditches... she is always ready to go when I am. If I would rather listen to my ipod than talk, she is good with that!
HARLEY is part of our family. We all LOVE her and though she drives us all crazy sometimes we couldn't imagine life without her!!!


Caylee Secretan said...

OH NO!!! What else can I say? Hopefully you are back to the love part by now. ;)

jaQ-ee said...

Great post!

The thing about Harley that just makes me so happy whenever I see her or think about her is her name..... and I hear that you are the clever one that thought of that. Well done! Haha.

There were a lot of 'burst-out-laughing' moments and a some solid 'awwww' moments. I just liked everything you said and your pictures too!

Living on a farm is a great place to have dogs. They are only allowed in the entrance-way of the house so shedding is not really an issue. They run ALOT whenever they want so I don't have to walk them. They even try to help me bring the horses in from the field.

I love that whenever I go home, my dogs always know its me and they always want some love, no matter how long I have been away or how different I think I smell.

Haha, the 'garbage spread.' I'll never understand what is so exciting about making such a mess!! That was such a funny picture. I'm glad that moment was captured.

...and I think this is the longest comment I've ever contributed to a blog.....

Keep on posting! Ps - I am enjoying the new look. Well done.... Now I forget the old one already

Laundry said...

oh how adorable... and I have the same situation with my dog(s) I don't like the one, and the other i love to death but just hate taking constant care of. She's still cute though. (The only reason i don't like the one is because he's my sisters dog, he's a small yappy and hyperactive dog, and he sheds more than any short hair dog i have EVER met!)

Sylvia said...

Thanks for making a comment on my blog. I looked through your blog -it is great. I love your dog post. Right now we just have a guinea pig. That's about my speed. Sometimes I would like a dog but it is for all the reasons you stated that we haven't. Thanks for the reminder.

JanEtta said...

That's the way we feel about our dog too - only our dog does bark at night - which is very annoying when you're in a deep sleep. It's nice to see how your family is doing. Keep it up.

LindsayB said...

i will never have a dog for all those reasons at the beginning. don't tell derek, he thinks we'll get one someday. you HAVE to see marley and me. i don't really like dogs and i LOVED that movie. alli saw a dog last week and said, mom when we go to the store next time can we buy a dog? i said no, mean mom again.