Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25... or should I say 20 random thoughts

I don't have Face Book and just for the record I never will. Having this blog has already moved me to a new level of time "wasted" on the computer, so... I know you are all probably done with the whole "25 random thoughts" thing, but hey I'm behind and besides that this is just for you Jacqui!!!

1. I always wanted to live on a farm/acreage and raise a little flock of sheep. I wanted to shear them myself, cart their wool and then spin it on an old fashioned spinning wheel. I am completely over it!!

2. I have had my kids at the same elementary school for 15 years and I still have 7 years to go.
When I am done at Richard Secord School I am thinking that a name change might be in order... Karen Davidson School. Ya, that has a nice "ring" to it!!!

3. I will secretly be very sad when Sam stops coming in to our bed at night. That will mean that he is really going to get big and grow up and move away and... I need help!

4. I would really like to learn to scuba dive.

5. Before I am too old I would love to go to a third world country and do humanitarian work with orphaned children. 

6. I love swimming in the rain.

7. I love fresh flowers. Mark buys them for me on my birthday, our anniversary, Mother's Day and Valentines Day. I fill in the rest of the time. A bunch of tulips only adds a few bucks on to my grocery bill each week!!

8. I don't like to be home alone. I am going to need therapy next year when Sam goes to school.

9. When we were little kids my Mom used to pay us to pick the dandilions out of the yard. I think we started out with a penny for every dandilion. My Mom was brilliant, we were suckers!

10. I love candles and am still partial to Yankee brand. Any thing with a strong cinnamon scent will do.

11. The one thing I would change about myself is my feet! They are ridiculously wide and I can't fit them in to all the cute shoes that are out there.

12. Am I really only on # 12??! I don't have time for this!

13. I run because I LOVE food.

14. Two years really IS a long time, but I wouldn't have Russell any where else! 

15. I enjoy creating things and making my house feel like HOME.

16. I am not obsessively neat and tidy but I do like things clean. The thing is with 7 children things aren't always just the way I would  like them, but at the end of the day I can say that relatively speaking I live in a clean house.

17. I have had stitches 7 times. Five of those times they were on my face. The joys of an "unsupervised" childhood!

18. One of my favorite things to do is go to bed early.

19. It is 8:30 and my kids are yelling at me to come read them stories. We read every night without fail. I can't remember being read to when I was little. How SAD.

20. I am going to have to call it "20 random thoughts" this is hard for me as I am not typically good at breaking rules, but like I said the kids are calling...


jaQ-ee said...

Thanks for doing this! Even though you only made it to 20. I'm definitely satisfied and I learned a lot of new things about you!

I would gladly join you in #4 and #5

I agree with #14

Your house is always SUPER cute and SUPER clean and tidy!

You will have to tell me the story of all your stitches!!


the MuLLinS said...

How cute. I just love you!! I really admire you and look up to you so much. I wish we were closer so I could see you more!! I kinda just want to hang out. And I admire you so much for being a cool mom and a cool "boyfriend's mom"! Love you tons Karen!

JanEtta said...

I will say that I am learning more about my cousin with this blogging thing than I would have without it. Living so far away and never seeing each other it is fun to get to know you after all of these years.

Grandpa said...

Thank you for your comment and glad to hear from you. Nadine is the one who set it up for almost a month. I'm still learning. Yes the dentist is for real- and real cheap too. I do love to travel- 83 countries so far- some 3-4 times (Israel 5 times extensively. China 3, all provinces of Canada & 1 territory) This trip was my 4th with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)- limited to 16 (only 13 in this group) Many travels are solo or other groups- some all expenses paid are the best of course. Your parents visit this past summer was great.

LindsayB said...

i'm still laughing about the sheep shearing. every young girls dream? and i'm pretty sure you are a neat freak! you're house is always perfect, i can't even keep up with 2.