Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skater Dude!!

A few weeks ago our next door neighbor asked Dallin if he would like to try out the skate board that she keeps in her garage for her grandkids when they visit. She even had a helmet and said he was welcome to use that too. To say he was thrilled would be a huge understatement! He has been practicing hard and is on the fast track to becoming the next Tony Hawk (actually his real skate board hero is Austin as you can see from the pictures below!)
Austin is so great, he willingly came over to give Dallin some lessons.
None of my other kids have had a big interest in skate boarding, it just seems like such a Dallin thing to do!!
Making sure everything is in running order!
Making his way down the "steep slope" of the driveway!
Apparently this board is "way too big" and a trip to the skate board shop is in order to find a "mini" board!  I am pretty sure he will use it though as he has practically slept with this one for the past few days!
 I have Dallin signed up for Violin lessons in the Fall. Who am I  kidding?!!!!!

MENU for May 11th-17th
Breakfast- cold cereal 
Supper- left over Mother's Day Meal (Mark did polynesian haystacks--Yummy)

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Supper- chicken and corn chowder

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- bbq burgers and spinach salad

Breakfast- blueberry oatmeal
Supper- tuna pinwheels with rice and carrots

Breakfast- pancakes
Supper- loaded nachos and smoothies

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- bbq kabobs

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- pork roast/ roasted sweet potatoes/ salad


Caylee Secretan said...

Aww, that Austin is such a good kid! Looks like it's time for another recipe phone call!

Emperor of EUtopia said...

Love the skateboarding! I've always had a secret dream to be a skateboarder or longboarder....hummm....I'm not old yet!

Heather said...

Im sure if my kids saw this they would want to do it too! That is awesome how you always have a meal plan. I usually only manage to do it for a week before It falls apart!

Geri said...

Way to go Dallin! Yes Karen..violin and boarding go VERY well together!!!!! They are growing WAY too fast! Miss you guys! Thanks for the Russ updates!

Laundry said...

HEY! the violin is on amazing instrument! lol. I would know.. I own three of them!!! actually, there are four of them in the house, one of them was handed down somewhere through my grandpa jones line.. (i think it belonged to my great great grandpa, i'm not sure) anyway, i have that one, then i have my very own and then we have another one that's a student violin.. and then i have.. you ready for this..... AN ELECTRIC ONE!!!!! muahahahahahahahahaha!!! HA! I am so in love with it to! Yes, they make those, and yes..they are fun.. and worth it... and MAN does playing the score from pirates of the carribean sound AMAZING on it!! (amplifiers can be a good thing.. hahaha)

If anything... the violin is just as fun as any other instrument.. you just have to figure out if you like fiddling on it, rocking it out on it.. or playing classical music on it.. haha

by the way sorry for the really long comment...and i totally wish i knew how to board!

ShaRron said...

My sis-in-law has 5 boyz and 1 girl and they are all playing a string instrument--and I don't mean the guitar. Her youngest is 5 and she's just starting. I think it's awesome! As for the Long boarding--go for it. I tried it last summer and it was a blast! Never too old!