Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

  Apparently it's Earth Day today and I ALMOST missed it.  After supper Dallin said "Mom, I think we should all go out and pick up some garbage around our neighborhood" My reply was something like  "Really? why do you want to do that?" "MOM! it's Earth Day, come on!!"
We told Sam we were going on a "garbage hunt" and tried to make it seem like a fun thing to do. He bought it until his hands and ears were freezing cold and then he cried the 5 minute walk back to home. His comment upon walking into the house in between sobs was " I don't ever want to hunt for garbage again"!!
Sam before the melt down.
Shaina and Dallin doing their part to make the Earth a little cleaner!
As we walked Shaina filled me in on some of the things we can do to be more "environmentally friendly" Here are a few of her ideas...
Put a frizbee upside down on the lawn when you start watering it, when it is full that is all the water the grass needs for the week.
Use a "Shower Minder" it's a timer you can buy to monitor the amount of time you spend in the shower.
 Use Eco friendly light bulbs.
Plant a tree.
Ride your bike to and from school.
And last, she suggested that we go on a weekly "garbage hunt" until our whole neighborhood is litter free. (I am not sure Sam is up for the challenge!)

All done! We filled a whole garbage bag in about 15 minutes. Good Job guys, You really can make a difference. Happy Earth Day everyone!
Oh and by the way, my "green" little helpers are up stairs in the bath scrubbing all the nasty germs off their freezing cold hands. I will offer them some latex gloves next time we go "garbage hunting"!!!


Emperor of EUtopia said...

Way to go environmentally conscious family! That's more than we did over here. (I'll blame it on the sickness we're all getting over)

Sylvia said...

What a great activity for your family! I LOVE your neighborhood! You must live in the woods. Our kids would love running around there but not with your temperatures. BURR!

FamiLee said...

Ahh, that is too cute! I love what Sam said at home. That was such a great idea, good job Dallin!

reddmummy said...

Hi Karen! What a great thing to do. I don't know if you get follow-up comments, so I'm just double messaging you. I can drop off a couple tomato seedlings for you next Wednesday if you want. Are you guys going to Seattle for Annie's Wedding? Edward and I are going.

Heather said...

Hey Karen, I just found you while I was blog hopping. What a great idea for earth day!