Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st... Let's create!

If you've noticed I have a cool new blinkie on my blog called "creativity project"  I stumbled upon this blog and was fascinated by the concept of doing something creative every day. I've decided to take this challenge on for the month of March and share it with you. This adorable woman is a scapbooker, I am not and you don't have to be. Being creative isn't just about making stuff, (although I do like to do that too) it can be about creative thoughts, actions, words, music... I consider myself a creative person, I come with my own unique set of skills, talents and interests. My hope is that as I try everyday to be creative to one degree or another, that I will broaden my interest, improve my talents and share some new found creativity with my family and those around me. I love the idea of stiving to be a better person, wife, mom and friend and I think this just might help me along on that path!

So to start off my project... today we were invited to the home of a good friend to help celebrate his 50th birhtday! Realizing that we didn't have a "gift" to take we decided that we would sing to our friend instead! Mark and all the kids and I sat around the table and came up with a ridiculous, but very funny (to us) medley of birthday songs. We rehearsed two or three times and set off  to our friends house! We didn't mention to our kids that their would be a "crowd" and when we got a bit closer and saw all the cars everyone got a little nervous!  We got to the door and one of the kids said " Do we have to do this?" In we stepped and began our little performance! It was really silly, but we did it together and had so much fun coming up with it! We put a big smile on our friends face and helped him to know how much we love him! Together we put a bit of creativity into action, we made someone's day and some great memories!


the MuLLinS said...

GREAT gift!! That's so so cool! I love the goal for the month, it's something I'm going to be more conscious to do as well I think :) And about Ron's promotion- I only found out earlier this week via snail mail so maybe your invitation is still on the way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining!!