Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mombo # FIVE and creativity!

My niece Sarah, is getting married this summer. We are all really excited as our girls all get to be bridesmaids and it is the first wedding for the Fairbanks family.  Aunt Julie, (Sarah's Mom)
wanted to make a quilt for Sarah but with all the other wedding details to take care of she asked if we (meaning me and Maryn) would like to take on this project. Maryn only has one more "project" to do to complete her Personal Progress, so we decided that together we would make this little quilt and it could be Maryn's project.
When Maryn drove through Calgary last weekend on her way to Lethbridge she stopped in at Julie and Brents and picked up a bunch of fabric that Sarah had picked out to make this quilt. The fabric comes from a few sources- A little bit of Vivian (Sarah's Grandma Fairbanks, A little bit of Agnes (her Grandma Davidson) A little bit of Julie ( her Mom) a little bit of Georganne ( her Aunt on the Fairbanks side) and A little bit of Karen (Me, her Aunt on the Davidson side) Thus the title of the blog... Mombo # Five!
This quilt is going to be fun to do as the pattern instructs you to cut 5 inch squares out of 180 different fabrics, cut those five inch sqaures into 4 different sizes then sew them back together. It is suppose to be very random and the more varience in the patterns and colors of the fabrics the better!! I think Sarah will really love this quilt as it has "A little bit of " some of the people that she loves. Wish me luck, I will post pictures of our progress! 
Sam and I also made this little Whale together yesterday, we were suppose to do a lesson about Jonah and the Whale for F.H.E. but... we went skiing instead!! Now that's being creative!!!

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Caylee Secretan said...

Oh WOW!! I can't wait to see this amazing quilt, you cease to amaze me. Love the Whale!