Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show and Tell (demanded)

Maryn and Max went on a rant this afternoon about how Julie is the Golden Child and has two "spotlights" and they have ZERO!
So here is a little show and tell to "Spotlight" everyone.

Russell and Elder Martinson just before he was transfered to Springville.
Maryn's Graduation proofs, so beautiful! It's hard to believe she will be graduating in June. Even bigger news, Maryn was accepted to TSTC ( a dental hygiene school in Texas). I will be so sad to have her gone, but I am excited for her to experience life away from home. We all know their is no way she will survive on her Banana Bread!!!
Max has had a lot of fun down in the ravine building things. He has had a couple close calls with random logs, and poorly built tree forts. I am just glad that he entertains himself and his younger siblings out in - 20 without killing anyone!!!! 
please refer to previous "Spotlights"!!!! She really is cute isn't she?!!
Shaina has been learning to snowboard this winter. She is starting to get her turns down and we all hope that she will be able to have some fun on our spring break ski/snowboard trip to Utah next week.
Dallin love love loves being outside. It doesn't matter how cold it is, the minute we get home from school he is begging to go out to play.
Sam loves his candy. Enough said.


Jackie said...

Love the post-your kids are beautiful Karen! What a fun family you have!

FamiLee said...

That was so nice to see all the updates on your kids. Maryn does look beautiful in her Grad pic. Can't believe she is going to Texas...crazy! But so fun for her.

Laundry said...

I'd like to say that the weather in Utah changes on a daily basis..and that's when we are lucky. haha. It can change on an hourly basis... hahaha It was spring yesterday.. almost summer, and today...IT'S WINTER AGAIN!!!
so beware of the changing seasons. hahaha. OH and you should totally come and say hi if you are anywhere around.

reddmummy said...

It's so nice to see what your children are doing. Maryn looks fabulous. Hope that she has a great time in Texas.

jaQ-ee said...

wow maryn... So hot!! Great post.

JanEtta said...

let me know when you have a spare minute on your spring break - I'd love to see you for a few minutes.

LindsayB said...

the sam comment is the BEST! just tell maryn to cook again and maybe she'll get her own post. i remember a conversation we had a while ago, maybe when i was visiting in oct? and i was telling you to let julie wear make up. looks like she won?!

the MuLLinS said...

Happy Birthday Maryn and Russell!! I love you both and miss you so much. Have a great day, as I'm sure you will, and keep making the absolute most of your lives. LOVE, us Mullins 3.