Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Menu

Most people think I am super organised, I'm not, I just have a really short memory,  If I don't write stuff down it usually doesn't get done. Of late I have been trying to write out my weekly menu and stick to it as best as I can. I find this excersise helpful for two reasons:
  1. It saves me from the what's for dinner question at 5:30 each evening. I don't mind cooking, but to be honest, if I could pass off a few chores making meals would definitely be up there with my never ending pile of laundry! So when I have a plan and it is written down I just find it a lot easier to follow through.
  2. Having a menu forces me to make a grocery list which really saves on time and money! Since January we decided that we would try to be more conscious of how much we were spending on groceries each month. When I make a menu and only buy what is necessary to prepare the planned meals, I have been able to knock off a considerable amount from my grocery bill. (the money I save has then been used to build up our 3 month and long term food storage)

For my Creative Exercise today, I asked each one of my kids to give me a supper idea for this weeks menu and that child will then get to help prepare that meal with me! Here is what we came up with.
  • MONDAY Sam's day
  • Breakfast- Yogurt Parfiats and Banana Muffins  Supper- Brenda's Beef Stew and buns
  • TUESDAY Shaina's day
  • Breakfast- Bagels and fruit smoothies                  Supper- Chicken enchaladas/rice/salad 
  • WEDNESDAY Julie's day
  • Breakfast- Poached eggs and toast                         Supper- Shrimp and veggie linguini
  • THURSDAY Dallin's day
  • Breakfast- Pancakes                                                 Supper- Meatloaf/baked potatoes/salad
  • FRIDAY  Maryn's day
  • Breakfast- Apple cinnamon oatmeal                     Supper- Homemade pizza
  • Breakfast- cold Cereal                                             Supper- Brocolli/cheese soup and buns
  • Breakfast- cold cereal                                             Supper- Chicken crunch casserole/veggie
I generally don't write down the lunch menu for the week. We pretty much just do the same stuff each day... Sandwiches/fruit and a snack. Mark can't handle sandwhiches so he takes leftovers. Sam and I eat a lot of PB and J, he is going to have a really hard time when he goes to school and isn't allowed to take anything with peanuts! 


Caylee Secretan said...

This is a great idea - I am constantly searching around 4pm for hmmmm, what should we have? And I hate it! I think I need a few more kids for more help! ;)

Anonymous said...

it seems like this is what everyone should do, but still, after so many years of suppers, we are ALL still looking for better ways to do it...sadly i now know it is a lifelong quest that i would rather pass on to a chef so i would have more time to play with my kids....or to do pretty much anything else....anyways, it gives me hope that you are still trying :)- thanks for the inspiration

JanEtta said...

I want a copy of some of your recipes. They sound pretty good, and I can tell you after 30+ years of cooking, I would welcome a few new things to cook up.

LindsayB said...

what about max? i'm not really sure why i don't do this every week. it really works, but for some reason i just don't. i pretty much second carrie's words. and i still still think you're super organized.

JanEtta said...

When's your spring break? What part of Utah are you going to? Maybe Nadine and/or I could bump into you for a few minutes. You never know - I might have some great recipes for you too.

Nadine said...

Wow! We need to eat at your house! On Jax's night last week, he pulled out hot dogs from the freezer and threw them on the counter. This week, he took the mayo, cheese, and meat out of the fridge!

Anonymous said...

OH I love this. My son planned dinner for tonight and he loved it so I think I'll try out the whole week idea. Very cool! Do you mind if I link to this on my blog?