Monday, April 13, 2009

Slack line skills and Menu April 13-19

This is a quick shot and video above of Max's (and Mark's) latest entertainment.
It's a slack line and they are having fun learning to do various tricks on it at a safe height of about 2 feet. Apparently rock climbers do mind numbing walks between mountain peeks hundreds of feet in the air without harnesses on. I am pretty sure that isn't where they are going with this as Mark isn't a real big fan of high places. 

I didn't post my menu last week and nutritionally speaking we didn't have great week. It was a bit more hit and miss and left the supper hour a little chaotic. Once again, I post this for my benefit but would be happy to share recipes at your request.

Breakfast- cold cereal ( holiday)
Supper- shrimp, cheese and veggie Linguini

Breakfast- berry muffins/O.J
Supper- Sweet chili chicken/rice/edemame

Breakfast- poached eggs/toast/O.J
Supper-beef stoganoff/noodles/ broccoli

Breakfast- toasted bagels/smoothies
Supper- grilled sole and veggies in foil packets

Breakfast- pancakes/O.J
Supper- homemade pizza

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- thai chicken noodle salad

Breakfast- cold cereal
Supper- BBQ steak/roasted potatoes/salad

Have a great week!


Nadine said...

Okay Karen, I would love a few recipes. We tried the black bean chicken you had a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. If you don't mind, I would like to try the Thai Chicken Noodle Salad and the Sweet Chili Chicken...they sound good! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe if this whole bishop thing doesn't pan out they can find a local circus and use their talents there....wait...brainwave...aren't YOU on activities??? shouldn't our ward have a circus talent show with the bishop as the opening act?? hmmmmm......

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are having fun!! Very cool!!