Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break '09

Well it's true... Utah really does have the "Greatest Snow On Earth"
Who cares you say? What, your sick of snow and really don't care.
Humor me then while I go on a bit about stuff your not really interested in. We had an amazing time skiing/snowboarding in Utah for Spring Break, they had record breaking snow fall in the Wasatch Mountains this year and we were lucky enough to be there while over 2 feet of the fluffy white stuff fell from the sky! [Actually it was 12 feet in just over 10 days!!!  Karen has never been very good with numbers.  The PostMaster.] 
The whole family at the top of Powder Mountain (minus Max, you'll notice he is absent from all the skiing pictures. He and Austin and Jordan went off on their own each day. We hear they had a great time, we just don't have any pictures to show it!)
The Fairbanks came down with us, we had a really fun time with them. It is nice for our older kids to have friends to hang out with. And Brian and Georganne were a huge help with keeping us in the right place at the right time.
Shaina resting her weary legs!
Dallin was such a great sport, he skied like a pro and he just barely mastered the bunny hill at Rabbit a few weeks before we left. He skied some blue runs and had no problem at all. Problem is he thinks he wants to move on to a snow board next year, then we'll be back at square one. Oh well!
Sam was a real trooper too. He kept up and really caught on to turning. We were at the resorts each day by about 8:30, and didn't leave till 3:30- 4:00 p.m. He kept up and had a great time. It was so fun to be out there with everyone doing their thing independent of me!! 
Maryn, Jessilyn and Julie
Shaina, Mark and Dallin

We did three resorts while we were there, Brighton, Powder Mountain and Snowbird. I can't decide which one I liked best, each had it's strong points. All I know is
we will definitely go back to Utah to ski again. We have never been in powder like that before and can't wait to do it again!

Maryn turned 18 on April 1st! I can't believe I have two adult children. We ate a late supper at the Cheesecake Factory. For her birthday we went on a little shopping trip to Anthropology! (Oh woops, that's Anthropologie!!! My Bad! Thanks Jacqui, it's a good thing I have smart friends!!)  That is pretty much her favorite place on earth, so I think her birthday was a good one!

One of the highlights of our trip was our close encounter with our missionary!
We planned our trip to Utah before Russell was transfered to Springville, it just so happened that we had planned to stay with Mark's Uncle and Aunt who live in Springville. It was Russell's birthday on April 1st too, so on tuesday we were having a free day (the canyon road up to Snow bird was closed!) and decided to go deliver a birthday package to Russ. The plan initially was to do a ring and run sort of deal, but when we got there we all kinda chickened out thinking that it was a bit too risky as we really didn't want to see him. So, we all got out of the Yukon and stood right in front of his apartment ( it's the one with the picture of the Savior in the window) we snapped a quick photo and jumped back in the car. We drove to a Wallmart and developed the picture, put it in the package and went back to his apartment to deliver the package. The video below shows the drop off. We were all a little concerned that Russ was home. We were all in the yukon watching from a distance and laughing at gangster Mark doing the "Deal"!! 

We were lucky enough to have short visits with two of my siblings while we were there. This is Trevor and Jeannie and their family, they live in Ogden. We stopped in at their place after skiing Powder Mountain.
These are Suzanne's girls, one of the twins is hiding behind the other. They are such fun little girls. My kids think it is too funny how they all look just like Aunt Suzanne! Yuki isn't in the picture, but we did get to hang out with him too.
On Sunday after we  accidentally attended a young single adult ward Sacrament Meeting, we drove into Salt Lake and went to Temple Square. It's such and amazing place, we all enjoyed the afternoon. This is everyone inside the Tabernacle.
The beautiful Salt Lake temple.
Maryn, Julie and I went to the Young Woman's Broadcast on Saturday with Georganne and Jessilyn. It was a great meeting. At the end of the week Mark, Max Julie and Shaina were able to go to the Saturday Morning session of General Conference. Then we all piled in to the Yukon for the long ride home.
Such a fun Spring Break. I can't wait to do it again!!! For now though I am quite happy that the sun is shining and that the snow is leaving. I love this time of year with all the new life that comes with it. I am heading outside to see if their is anything green trying to make it's way through the ground!! Thanks for reading!


Nadine said...

What a great trip! Your video cracked me up---and the photo you added to the package...you are too funny! You should have called, I would have loved to have met you at Trevor and Jeannie's for a quick hello! Maybe next time! I am glad you enjoyed "the greatest snow on earth".

Justin and Rachel said...

What a great spring break! It's really funny to me that you went to a ysa ward! :)

Caylee Secretan said...

So fun! I love the video of Mark doing the drop off - how could you stand it?! So close. Lucky Maren - Anthropology....

reddmummy said...

Looks like a great week! I love the video of Gangster Mark. It must have felt so strange to be that close!

terri rolfson said...

Hey Karen - I found your blog! Actually, my Maryn found it when she googled her full name and got your blog page referring to Russell being set apart by Pres. Rolfson and your Maryn being there. Great blog! Loved reading the highlights from your trip - LOVED the package delivery (esp. Mark's hoodie). And posting your recipes is a fabulous idea. For MONTHS I've been meaning to ask you for your recipe ideas - thanks!

jaQ-ee said...

I've never heard of Anthropology..... I need to check that out. I am taking Anthro 393 next year. I'm guessing that's not as cool as the store.

Looks/sounds like an awesome trip! I'll come over sometime for the full story :). I can't believe you were so close!

I'm just glad it wasnt me in that situation. I probably would have had a heart attack. Lol.

jaQ-ee said...

oh, it's anthropologie!!! i just saw a picture on another random blog. Hahah.

JanEtta said...

I'm glad our Utah weather cooperated for you as you got to do some powder skiing. I'm told it is the best.I think it's great you were able to see Trevor and Suzanne too.

Karen said...

Hi Jacqui!
I am not very bright sometimes!! Thanks for the spell check, I need friends like you!! You would LOVE this store. Maryn said she heard it was suppose to be coming here soon.

LindsayB said...

what GREAT FUN trip you guys had! derek has a funny story about his sisters trying to do the same thing when he was in utah on his mission. they did a drop off of a package and were driving away thinking they were so sneaky and then suddenly they saw him walking down the street so they just hurried and drove away. and maryn has good taste. i dream of anthropologie.

Laundry said...

Hey Karen! I found my dress at clifftons in ogden. For a good deal to! It was on sale for half of!! haha. They always have sales though. Way good ones to. So ya. Glad you had such a fun time in Utah! Next time you are out you will have to stop by! oh and the Gateway in SLC also has a bridal shop that sales formal dresses as well. So if you ever need a dress you know where to look if you are out in utah while you are looking for one. :)