Tuesday, April 21, 2009

menu April 20th-26th/ Norwex cleaning cloths

Breakfast-Yogurt/granola/fruit parfaits
Supper- Chicken fajitas (Julie cooked!)

Breakfast- Banana muffins/o.j
Supper- Italian cream cheese chicken on linguini

Supper-Mini quiche/rice and salad

Breakfast- Dipping eggs and toast

Breakfast- toasted bagels and smoothie
Supper- Loaded Nachos

Breakfast- Cereal
Supper- Grilled chicken cesar salad

Breakfast- Cereal
Supper- BBQ pork roast/roasted sweet potatoes/salad

So last week I went to a Norwex party... I am NOT selling this product, but can I just say I spent most of the morning cleaning and I am in LOVE with these cloths. Unbelievable! I didn't use an ounce of cleaning product, just water and the cloths. I have never had cleaner windows and mirrors and my granite counter tops are gleaming!! If  you have never heard of Norwex, I am sure you could goggle it and check it out online. If you have  but don't own any, go find someone who sells them and host a party. I bet you'd get a pretty decent discount! I might even come to your party and buy MORE! Spring Cleaning just got bumped up on my list of things TO DO! Now if someone would just come up with self-cleaning clothes!! Here are a few pictures of my shiny clean kitchen, the kids will be home from school soon so have a good look now cuz it won't last long!!


Emperor of EUtopia said...

hummm, norwex....Maybe they'll help convince me to clean.

Caylee Secretan said...

I KNOW!!! I love the Norwex cloths - window shammy = best thing EVER! They do make the cleaning a little more enjoyable because they work SO good. Thanks for supper ideas again. ;)

Marg said...

Cloths - yeah, and everything else. I was converted long ago, love it. My whole house is cleaned with it. Sometimes I still need to watch those How Clean is Your house shows to REALLY get up and get going but when I do - I enjoy it!
I buy online from www.norwexcleaningsupplies.com and it comes really fast, sometimes in 4 days.

Anonymous said...

You must be regularly clean up and roughly dusting of granite woktops. Do not use too much cleaner or soap, as sometimes it may leave a film and cause some irregular lines on worktops.