Monday, March 22, 2010

Julie's 15!

Julie had a Birthday on March 19th!!

Here are a few fun facts about Julie at 15!
  • As soon as she gets home from school she changes into her pajama pants, even if she has places to go... she usually just wears them anyway!
  • She is really into taking and editing pictures, in fact the first image in this post is a "self portrait" by Julie. Below is another picture that Julie took. She's pretty good!
  • She loves her family and has a soft spot for Sam!
  • She is a girl after my own heart and loves to pore over the great clothes from this place

  • Julie is a fantastic artist, she especially enjoys painting. Here are a few samples of her talent...
  • She is getting her braces off in May!
  • Julie read the Book of Mormon to complete her Virtue project for Young Womens (and to see if she could beat Elder Fager, she lost by a few days!!)

  • Julie is a Vernon Barford Honors student!!! ( I always wanted one of those bumper stickers, why don't they make them anymore!!)

  • Julie is now taller than Maryn. She is a whopping 5. 1 1/2"!! Sadly she isn't quite as tall as me at a towering 5. 2"! (in the photo below, as though you couldn't plainly see, Maryn is wearing the "highest" shoes!!!)
  • She is a great cook and if she would just learn to clean up, i'd hire her for sure!!!


    Caylee said...

    Awww - 15?! What a good girl - all your kids are great kids. Who doesn't love anthropologie, we should swing by there one of these days - we're overdue for playing!

    Maryn said... can't be serious about wanting a junior high honor roll bumper sticker!! You CANNOT find a minivan in south texas that DOESN'T have 18 of those hideous stickers!! They're so tacky!!

    Jackie said...

    What a talented girl you have! She is beautiful!