Thursday, March 4, 2010

WOW...Here is some crazy core strength!

On Tuesday I went to a "total body" type work out at the Y. It killed me and I have been hobbling around the with a serious case of lactic acid build up in every muscle in my body for the past two days. However, the real killer was the abdominal portion of the work out. At one point I just laid flat on my back and laughed (until Alysa the work out queen walked by and said something like "come on ladies you won't get a 6 pack from lying on your backs" ) Did I say anything about wanting a 6 pack?? Honestly though I have no abs... they are totally shot and I really need to do something about it. Here is the problem. Two years + ago I injured my lower back while shoveling the driveway. As a result I experience moderate to severe lower back pain most of the time depending on how much and what type of stress I put on my back. I simply can't do most of the common exercises to strengthen my abdominal muscles without putting my back in a compromised situation. Of course a lack of core strength is most likely the real reason for the back injury in the first place. It's a vicious cycle and one that I would love to remedy. Why am I going on about this? Two reasons!
1. I would love to hear any tips/solutions to help with my so very untoned mid section AND...
2. while WATCHING THIS I couldn't help but think about how strong these crazy acrobats are and wondered what kind of work out they were doing to get those rock solid abdominal muscles!!!! (It's a bit long and I'm still not sure what Solid Potato Salad has to do with it but hey, when I can do crazy stuff like this I'll sing about ridiculous vegetable concoctions too?!!!!)


the MuLLinS said...

So I have been in Physical Therapy for my knee, which they are linking back to a sloppy core :( The exercises they had me doing is simple stuff like lay on your back and bend your knees up to your chest then rotate side to side so your knees almost touch the ground but you have to keep your lower back flat on the ground. Or straightening each leg out while laying on your back with your lower back again, flat on the floor. Tons of stuff like that. Pilates is also all about strengthening your core, it's good stuff. It seems easy while you're doing it (most of it) but after you feel like someone ran over your midsection! Anyways, thanks for reminding me to get back on that!

cheetah said...

Physical Therapy all the way. Judy or Trent at South Edmonton Physio is who I recommend. And your first 3 sessions are free if you go under the "community program". But make sure you go with Judy or Trent.

reddmummy said...

So sorry to hear about your back Karen! I'm also behind the physio suggestion. Years ago I had physio for some neck pain- it made a world of difference and I finished treatment feeling better than new.
I've also found Yoga has been good at gently strengthening those areas that have suffered from pregnancy and birth. I really like Henri's hatha yoga class at Lotus Soul Gym. If you feel like catching a class sometime with me, let me know!

Maryn said...

I don't know if I should be gagging or not! Those girls are not human...theres no way!! Good luck with the total body workouts Mom! Love you!!

p.s. how did you find this video??

peacemaker said...

I had noticed that you had problems occasionally with your back and had wondered how it had happened. I never asked because I was afraid to be nosey and pry.
Another great mystery solved!
The video was absolutely incredible. Why would someone want to do those things with their body? Insane.
I think you are beautiful! AND if you ever get to the point where you need the offer, I give free rides around the mall in our lil' red wagon! 0:D BUT I think that will be a very long way away for never! 0:D
Love you tons!
Please keep me posted if I can do anything for you...and I mean it!!!
Sorry, i don't know much about therapy and personal workout has been to always make things as inconvenient as possible...diaper pails on a different floor than diapers...i just purposely make things inconvenient so that I'm always running around my house and get a far as abs go...I do lots of flipping kids on my legs and over my head while lying down...You may be able to do that with your youngest, but I think if you tried to flip anyone else you'd be in bigger trouble. Good luck with the workouts. I'm glad you can have a good laugh about it!