Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am trying to figure out how to enlarge my photos on blogger...
I found a blog that gives very easy instructions, but was wondering if their is a more permanent solution rather than going in and editing the Html with every picture I download? Also I am not thrilled about the result of this enlargement as it seems to just distort the image and makes it look totally unnatural. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THEIR THAT CAN HELP ME???!
p.s A short update on Russell, he is serving in Ceder City and is very busy teaching and baptizing. He is loving his mission and is under the false impression that Utah is Zion!!


the MuLLinS said...

Hey Karen, try this (you may already know this, but this is all I know)... go to your compose mode or whatever and click on Settings > Basic, then scroll down to where it says "Select Post Editor". Select the new one and hit save changes. Then when you post pictures, it gives you the option of what size you want (S, M, L, XL). Now, I used that for a bit and it was nice for that, but less convenient in other ways... so try it and see if you like it. It might work for what you're looking for though? Love you! Great pic of Russ! (I still think to call him Russ-ka-bar like my dad!) Love and miss that boy... and his family!! Hopefully we can get up to see you soon!

Laundry said...

he better love utah! he's in the warmest part of it! lol :) K, just before he gets home... you go pick him up.. then come visit me in northern utah :)

peacemaker said...

Cedar city is Zion!!! LOL
That is where I went to university before my mission.
I love Cedar!

cheetah said...

My sister in law just blogged about this. Not sure how she did it, but maybe her post will make more sense to you than it did to me, b/c you have a Mac.